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Writer's Digest Review of Granny Buck's Dibs and Dabs: Appalachian Traditions and Magical Ways

Just got a glowing review from Writer's Digest on my book, Granny Buck's Dibs and Dabs: Appalachian Traditions and Magical Ways. Here is part of the review from my WD's judge of the competition:

"We get a sensory, breathing overview of life in Appalachia, with an earthy agricultural feel blending with native medicine, shamanic belief, and longstanding tradition. The material here is layered, fascinating and author makes sure we always have clarity in each of so many topics and descriptions. The short sections wow us with homespun authenticity as well as the feeling that we are discovering an amazing culture in that area, as the author builds setting and presence for us there.

I loved the dialogue, giving voice to the symbolism in these sections. Author has a great talent for storytelling, taking turns at exciting speeds, raising us up and then directing the story to zip us down and around in a ride of many layers and cultural and spiritual interests. When the story of 'call Granny' is shared, we immediately connect with the universality of it being someone's time to give birth. We're getting a fascinating shorthand based in longtime tradition, and it's fresh and wonderful. I enjoyed the natural remedies like the four kinds of wax, an example of how author gets us amazed by familiar things in a fresh way. Symbolism abounds, along with mountain terms and slang that add to the authenticity and personality of this book.

The black and white motif creates a sense of timelessness and spirituality. With a lack of color design, we see textures in the icons and the paragraphs unroll like fabric, minus lots of little stops and starts. Very good instinct for a design that enhances the content.

Author's voice rings true with the idea measure of regional seasoning and dialect where notes. Author uses good instinct regarding which details to include and which would be a little too much for the reader. As such, in fine conversational comfort level and ease, we're treated to the important details that make an impact, resonant influence. Author's writing style, as informative as it is, also makes use of brevity of sections, again maintaining a quick pace like the breathtaking interest in an esteemed speaker who is sparing amazing, new things with us. Very well done."

Judge, 9th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published E-Book Awards

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