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At This Point, It's Wherever the Wind Blows...

Hi Folks,

I am fairly new to blogging. I guess being on the computer to put a manuscript together 24-7 kind of leaves little time to express anything about the process of my writing.

I have an obsessive interest in everything. I'm kind of like that dog that spots the squirrel and makes a beeline towards it when it should be taking its time and enjoying the walk. I love to learn. I wrote a tarot book back in the 1980s after extensive study of card symbolism and taught classes for many years on the subject. The softbound edition is located for sale at www. Barnes and as well as an eBook on The second of that series is one of three new manuscripts I am now working on.

I just finished up a three-year project on my perspective of early Appalachian mountain life. The book is called, Granny Buck's Dibs and Dabs: Appalachian Traditions and Magical Ways. To quote a friend, "this book combines history, folklore, magic, and mountain stories, along with practical knowledge that people in the Appalachians used to survive in the isolated backwoods." I just listed it with Goodreads and have gotten some positive feedback from those who have bought it. Both the softbound of this title as well as the eBook can be found on www.Barnes and

I will be writing about some of the things I collected in my travels in future blogs. Right now, I just wanted to say, hi, with hopes you will be curious enough to take a peek at my new book. I certainly hope so. Look for it online under Granny Buck's Dibs and Dabs. Talk to you soon!

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Nov 05, 2019

B&N/Nook readers can use coupon BNPGRANNY7 to save 20% at checkout from 11/09/2019 to 12/15/2019 on: Granny Buck's Dibs and Dabs : Appalachian Traditions and Magical Ways -

📷 BARNESANDNOBLE.COM Granny Buck's Dibs and Dabs: Appalachian Traditions and Magical Ways:|NOOK Book From weather signs to dowsing, natural healing and natural ways, Granny Buck's dibs and dabs: Appalachian traditions and magical ways is a collection filled with the practical knowledge, folklore, trivia and sayings, backwoods storytelling, down-home magical beliefs and practices that come from a...

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