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Granny Buck's Dibs and Dabs:

Appalachian Traditions and Magical Ways


ISBN- 978-1-7923-1181-9

From weather signs to dowsing, natural healing and natural ways, Granny Buck's Dibs and Dabs: Appalachian  Traditions and Magical Ways is a collection filled with the practical knowledge, folklore, trivia and sayings, backwoods storytelling, "Down Home" Magical beliefs and practices that come from a harsh environment of early to modern day mountain living.


This book was selected as “Award-Winning Finalist in the Multicultural Non-Fiction category of the 2019 Best Book Awards sponsored by American Book Fest” Link to where book is included as one of the finalists can be viewed by clicking link down below


The Act of Manifestation:
Tarot Techniques

ISBN- 978-0-615-97698-3


Creating something with intent or purpose gives it power.

     Made up of numbers, symbols and psychological interpretations, Tarot is a popular card system that is used to direct and focus intuition. Used as a counseling tool, it can give the reader an outside perspective that can be used to verify problems and give you options to help clear away unwanted situations

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